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A complementary food for the milch cows

Animal feed supplement  DK DOP –  concentrate.

It‘s produce is based on soya protein concentrate and mineral feed.                       

Performance analysis of the product:

• After adding grain to feed supplement DK DOP,we get a recommended additional feed for dairy cows

• Feed supplement DK DOP contains sources of protein for the production of bacterial protein in the rumen .

• Nutritional ingredients - vitamins , amino acids and compounds such as micro-elements and macro-elements .

• A balanced combination of vitamins and active ingredients strengthens the body's defense ability and supports metabolism.


Declared quality analysis  g/kg:

crude protein                   240g
Fat 22g
roughage 30g
ME 13,5 MJ/Kg


Recommended dosage:

For the production of supplementary mineral feed for dairy cows and young cattle 19%.


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