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Milk replacer for calves TELAMILK

The use of milky feed compound is intended for calves up to the age of 60 days . A balanced combination of vitamins and active ingredients strengthens the body's defense ability and supports metabolism.


A complementary food – the energy concentrate for the milch cows.
Poit utilises as the energy component for the food ration of the milch cows, and as the component for the production of the compound feed.   It improves the condition and animal health.


A complementary food for the milch cows

It‘s produce is based on soya protein concentrate, whey powder, fat and mineral feed.



It is a soy protein concentrate which has reduced anti-nutrient substances to a minimum by the production process, it means that urease activity is between 0.02 - 0.03 mgN/g and animals can digest it well. It has a good dispersiveness in the water.
We use it for the production of the milk substitutes for the calves and pigs and for the production of compound feed for the livestock.



Supplementary animal feed is produced ​​on the basis of non-protein nitrogen urea , which increases the amount of rumen microbial protein .