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Milk replacer for calves TELAMILK

The use of milky feed compound is intended for calves up to the age of 60 days . A balanced combination of vitamins and active ingredients strengthens the body's defense ability and supports metabolism.

Performance analysis of the product :

• Milk replacement with a high milk protein and lactose content is an easily accessible energy source.

• Probiotics in  the milk replacement act as a stabilizer of the intestinal microflora , thereby help protecting the digestive tract against pathogenic microorganisms.

• citric acid reduces the pH of the stomach , and improves digestion.

• the selected blend of vegetable oils – the compositionof the fatty acids is similar to the milk fat

• high content of proteins , amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Features :   

- easy preparation , very good solubility   

- excellent palatability and high digestibility   

- all purpose use (example: bucket feeding station )   

- supports the development of calves to the start of remastication    

Recommended dosage:

- Add 100 to 130 grams of Teramilk to 1 liter of water

- Mix the recommended amount of Telamilku, stir with half the required water. Water temperature 50-55 º C

- Mix thoroughly

- Add the remaining water. Aim for  a final temperature of 38-40 ° C


Declared quality analysis  g/kg:

crude protein                   220g
Fat 180g
roughage max.0,8g
Lysin 18,0g
ME 16,5 MJ/Kg


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