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Supplementary animal feed is produced ​​on the basis of non-protein nitrogen urea , which increases the amount of rumen microbial protein. Nitrogen is slowly released and adds rumen stability and efficiency .

Optimal improves digestion and increases the production efficiency , thereby increases the production and quality of milk . This product is very cost effective because the gradual release of nitrogen reduces the need for soy content in the feed. For example; 1 kg Optimal can replace 7 kg of soy.

Supplementary animal feed with nutritional value suitable for ruminants with good rumen function . This supplementary feed is made ​​on the basis of non-protein nitrogen with urea.

Performance analysis of the product :

• Specially designed to meet daily requirements of rumen microflora, when the level of ammonia in the rumen is too low and worsens the growth of bacteria in the rumen .

• Adding Optimal to the animal feed increases bacterial growth in the rumen and improves digestibility.

Feeding Guide: 

Urea can be used only for animals with good rumen function . The maximum dose of urea in animal feed should be achieved progressively. Maximum content of urea in feed should only be used in nutrition, which is rich in easily digestible carbohydrates and low in soluble nitrogen . No more than 30 % of total daily nitrogen content should come from urea nitrogen .

Optimal is used as supplementary feed for ruminants:

- 50 to 150 grams for an adult ruminant per day, ( 20 g of Optimal per 100 kg bodyweight )

-as supplementary feed, up to 1.5% .

Safety feeding recommendations :

Feeding by monogastry not recommended.

Not recommended for  calves less than 4 months of age .

Mix thoroughly with food.


Declared quality analysis /1kg:

Nitrogen    380g
crude protein                    2400g
NPN  2370g
PDIN  1270g
PDIE    166g
Fat     60g

Nutritional additives : Urea 830g/kg


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