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Supplementary animal feed - is used as an energy feed supplement for the production of feed mixtures for pigs .

Performance analysis of the product:

• Unlike other protein supplements, in these energy supplements there is a high protein content provided by the soy protein concentrate and powdered fodder yeast . Both of these components have anti-nutrients reduced to a minimum that positively affect the animal yield on utility.

• Yeast proteins have a high biological value , high content of amino acids and also specific taste and aroma – to assure a better taste.

• Energy nutrients are provided either  by milk sugar or sugar beet.


Declared quality analysis g/kg:

crude protein                275   
Fat 23
Ash 48
roughage 18
Saccharose 400
ME 15,5 MJ/Kg


Recommendeed  uses: 

Pigs   10-20 %   


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